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“I judge my presidency primarily in terms of its impact on people's lives. president in 1992, Clinton enacted such legislation as the Family and Medical Leave Act and oversaw two terms of economic prosperity.That is how I kept score: all the millions of people with new jobs, new homes and college aid; the kids with health insurance and after-school programs; the people who left welfare for work; the families helped by the family leave law; the people living in safer neighborhoods—all those people have stories, and they're better ones now.”Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. The following year, he was elected attorney general of Arkansas, and in 1978 he became the youngest governor in the country. He was impeached by the House of Representatives in 1998 following the revelation of his affair with Monica Lewinsky, but was acquitted by the Senate in 1999. William Jefferson Clinton, better known as Bill Clinton, was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas, a small town with a population of about 8,000.After spending some time working at the Arkansas law firm of Wright, Lindsey & Jennings in Little Rock, Clinton once again sought out the governorship in 1982.Freely admitting his past mistakes and beseeching voters to give him a second chance, Clinton swept back into office.

The principal of Hot Springs High, Johnnie Mae Mackey, placed a special emphasis on producing students devoted to public service, and she developed a strong bond with the smart and politically inclined Clinton.On Sunday mornings, he woke himself up, put on his best dress clothes and walked the mile to Park Place Baptist Church to attend services alone.Throughout his childhood, Clinton grew increasingly disturbed by his stepfather's drinking and abusive behavior toward his mother and younger half-brother.At the age of 14, already standing more than 6 feet tall, Clinton finally snapped.He told his stepfather, "If you want them, you'll have to go through me." The abuse stopped but the drinking continued, and the tension persisted at home even after Roger and Virginia's 1962 divorce and subsequent reconciliation.

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    Il décide alors de se lancer lui aussi, encouragé par ses parents.